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View Diary: Yes conservatives, we want to take away your guns... (126 comments)

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  •  A few points: (9+ / 0-)

    1. "you dont need 17 rounds in a handgun"  On what authority/credentials do you make this claim?

    2. "YES, it should be banned."  So, fuck the next generation of elections, eh?

    3. "17 rounds is too much for any reasonable shooting range..."  How so?  Been to a shooting range since 1860?  Please refer to question in item #1.

    4. "...or sport hunting."  I don't think anyone generally hunts with handguns that can hold that many rounds.  It would almost certainly be a gun of 9mm rounds or smaller, which is pretty much unsuitable for any kind of large game hunting.  Maybe rabbits, and if you can get that close to them, you're a better hunter than 99.9% out there Gunga Din, and you can make your own rules... for yourself.  The handguns that are designed for hunting (a specialty niche, to be sure) generally hold 6 rounds or less and are primarily revolvers.  

    5. " You simply don't need an extended clip..."  Assumptions without evidence, etc., etc.

    6. "...that is exactly why Bill Clinton banned it under the assult weapons ban."  Not banned at all (just new manufacture restricted to LEO sales only... weird, why do they need to be able to kill so many people...) and being President doesn't bestow any weapons knowledge credentials.  Mr. Bill was an ass on this topic.

    7. "I said high powered weapon NOT rifle."  If it's anything but a rifle (or, arguably a shotgun) then you are talking about primarily handguns.  Which, with the exception of a few designed for hunting, are not at all "high powered".

    8. "There are guns designed to kill people."  Which ones?  Be specific, please.

    9. "...there a guns designed to kill PEOPLE and sick."  Any gun, regardless of design, is capable of killing someone.  That is precisely what makes them ideal for self-defense: the threat of force and, if required, the ability to deliver force.  It seems to me what you are really sickened by is that they are tools that can empower the vulnerable.  And that view is what is truely sickening.

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