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  •  system makes it hard to do the right thing (3+ / 0-)

    attack on education part of the decline of the empire

    it looks like we have already moved from being a republic to being an empire

    so, just as it is dangerous to teach what the magazine  Scientific American spend a whole issue on the as the most powerful idea in science, namely evolution, it is increasingly dangerous to teach civics

    what if the students became passionate about what is going on?

    they could end up engaging in politics, and then realizing that the political parties are mostly aligned with the 1%, that would make them even more progressive and that could change things

    so, in order to maintain the 1%, we need more focus on numbers, more money to the banksters, more propaganda clouding real dialogue on the issues

    for example, a recent Atlantic article takes the 2008 democratic party platform statements about civil liberties.

    then he puts in links to show that Obama actual policies are the opposite.

    so the question for the 2012 party platform is: should it support traditional civil liberties and the constitution, or should it support what Obama, and thus the democratic party  actually does?

    and mean time back in your classroom, you go wandering off the reservation

    engaging the students in relevant topics that directly effect their lives

    don't you realize that the purpose of education is to create consumers who know how to deal with the multiple choices that society puts before them?

    here is the link to the Atlantic article

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