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View Diary: The Republican Party’s Willful Ignorance Problem (131 comments)

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  •  But at some point, they MUST come around (0+ / 0-)

    One thing I have always been able to assure all like minded people here with absolute certainty is: if they live long enough, your cousins will come around to your way of thinking. The reason for this is simple. Your way of thinking might best be characterized as: thinking.

    Nearly all of my friends disagree with a few or many things, and on the whole, we remain friends. I flat out tell them 2 things: to truly respect someone, you have to respect their space to think the wrong thing. Also, not all opinions are of equal value because some of us have had the advantage of a lot formal and informal eduction, comparative studies, and vast sources of information from many sources, while most do not.

    Over time, I have found that people eventually come around to our way of thinking because --- except for a very privileged very few --- they pretty much have to. When you see this happening, it's both mildy satisfying and somewhat disgusting that it took so long.

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