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    1)I noticed your source cites some book published in the 1980's.  Not only is this now thirty years out of date, the book is not peer-reviewed and this raises questions about the data. Unfortunately, we don't get to see the data from your referenced source which merely states that rates of violence were low in England before gun control was beefed up.
    2)The CDC does indeed offer data that 62,000 Americans died due to firearm injuries in 2008.  I presented the data in the OP, and you can go to the CDC web-site, and see it for yourself.
    3)Here, you are only making suppositions, not factual statements.  None of us can know for certain what would happen to murder rates until we outlaw guns.  

    You additionally say that gun control laws have never worked, yet.  I'm not sure what you mean by this statement.  Worked in what way?  When has this ever been rigorously tested?

    "The fool doth think he is wise: the wise man knows himself to be a fool" - W. Shakespeare

    by Hugh Jim Bissell on Mon Mar 26, 2012 at 03:00:24 PM PDT

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