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View Diary: Confidential court papers reveal anti-gay NOM's dirty racial strategies, 'sideswiping Obama' plot (164 comments)

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  •  It's pretty clear... (17+ / 0-)

    ..that whenever they use the term 'protecting marriage' what they really mean is protecting whatever power and influence their own religion has over a secular institution like marriage.  

    They don't care one way or another whether marriages are healthy or diseased, whether they are good or abusive.  They don't care whether the people in marriages are safe and secure or abused or neglected.  None of that matters.  

    They care only about the degree of control their religion can exert.  The existence of gay people is a loss of religious control.  The education and independence of women is a loss of religious control. Divorce is a way for a woman to escape a bad marriage, and thus a loss of religious control.  

    In other words, protecting marriage = protecting religious control.  You might as well replace 'marriage' with 'religious control' -- then you'll see the true nature of their concern.  

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