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View Diary: North Carolina voters approve anti-marriage equality amendment, until they learn what it does (41 comments)

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  •  Whether it's health care reform or gay marriage... (0+ / 0-)

    ... half of our problem seems to be the sheer laziness and stupidity of the American people when it comes to letting the corporate MSM lead them around by the nose and telling them what to think. I'm sorry if that sounds elitist but - geez - the evidence of a disconnect between our messages and our audience has been building for some time now.

    I've lost track of how many polls I've seen where the results show opposition to Obamacare or same-sex marriage when the questions are asked in an abstract way, and yet some of the same surveys then show public support for policies that promote equal rights for everyone or broader access to health insurance for all citizens.

    Maybe part of what's wrong is our fault in that we can't seem to describe ballot initiatives or legislation in bumper-sticker-sized sound bites of six words or less. But it shouldn't be asking too much to expect our fellow Americans to at least put as much thought into their political opinions as they do when considering what they want to eat for dinner.

    How far do we have to dumb down our ideas before we can even get anyone to listen to them? I've begun to despair of our ever breaking through the simplistic, brain-dead slogans our Rethuglican opponents are so good at repeating ad nauseum.

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