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View Diary: North Carolina voters approve anti-marriage equality amendment, until they learn what it does (41 comments)

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  •  All due respect, but you're a GOP troll or close (0+ / 0-)

    You're personally opposed to the amendment which leads you based on "a ton" of non-scientific friend conversations to conclude everyone is for it, therefore people should go to Maine or Washington.

    Is there something wrong with the South joining the 20th century. Having lied there the first half of my long life, I know the place is filled with loads of good gay people and loads of good straight people.

    What is it about Republicans that lead them to try and outdo the old Segregationist Democrats of the old days. They don't just hate black people, they hate old people, young people, poor people, women people and, oh yes, gay people.

    Gays aren't going to mug you in an alley way to convince you to lose your bias and anti-human rights agenda. But would it really kill you to treat them and the rest of us as human beings -- with all the same rights as any other citizen.

    You signed on KOS in January and you've posted only four comments -- all of them about why this fight is doomed. Don't worry about us. We're mostly grown up and a few of us are probably your professors, assuming you're in college.

    Break free of the young Republicans and try to think for yourself for a change. And don't try to do ours for us.

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