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  •  Health Care costs money (1+ / 0-)
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    There is no solution you or I can come up with, which doesn't incur significant cost.

    What you seem to be missing is that very few of those who are employed and without health insurance can afford to pay anything.
    Now here is where we need to have a middle ground.  I agree with sliding scales, but people can pay some part of a premium.

    I don't have health insurance (I guess I'd be considered a contract employee), so I've looked into buying my own coverage.

    I can't afford the individual plans offered, but I do carry a catastrophe coverage for a pretty affordable cost.  If I could get Medicare for say $150-250 a month, I'd happily pay that.

    There is nothing wrong with making health care consumers aware of the costs.  If someone making $1200 a month has to pay $100 dollars for Medicare, they are getting a fair deal.

    •  Health care costs (3+ / 0-)
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      Dr Teeth, ngk01001, Marie

      TOO MUCH in this country.  Double, triple, or quadruple what it costs anywhere else in the world, and we don't get a hell of a lot more except excess paperwork, patronizing attitudes, and futile efforts to resuscitate the DEAD.

      Costs need to come down if we realistically expect people to be willing to pay for medical care.  Our pay-up-front-for-unlimited-use engenders the all-you-can-eat-buffet syndrome: consume as much as you possibly can because it's already been paid for.  Only it isn't the patient ordering up fourth and fifth servings, it's the provider, who makes money for every plateful whether the actual consumer is hungry or not.  The whole system is wretched.

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