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View Diary: Homicide detective wanted George Zimmerman charged with manslaughter, but prosecutors said no (225 comments)

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  •  Average hater now predicts "race riots" soon (7+ / 0-)

    while of course saying insanely racist things themselves.  Do yourself a favor and DON'T read the comments that are popping up on places like the Orlando Sentinel and Yahoo News, etc.  It makes me sick to my stomach what people will say.  Zimmerman sympathizers and Obama haters are putting the NINE lonely fools from the "New Black Panther Party" in the same category as the two MILLION people who have peacefully petitioned and protested for an honest and open investigation into an incident that clearly lies somewhere on a line between "preventable tragedy" and "hate crime murder one with police coverup."  And somehow out of all this, they blame the dead youth???  Others just are openly bragging about how they want to shoot some "liberals" themselves.   The most vile and hateful things are being said, and these people are being whipped up into a frenzy by their own hatred and racism and intolerance.   Sick, sad world!

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