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View Diary: Homicide detective wanted George Zimmerman charged with manslaughter, but prosecutors said no (225 comments)

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    It's hard to drive your SUV with a gun in your waistband - it sticks into your gut.  At SOME POINT, he took the gun from it's usual place and stuck it in his waistband - a good guess would be that he did this when he exited the vehicle.  Zimm's story is that he was returning from "shopping" (another beer run?) when he spotted the "suspicious" person.  Did he shop with his poorly concealed weapon, or was the gun in his glove box or console?  

    We will probably never know, but it's reasonable to wonder if the reason Trayvon chose to walk fast / run is because Zimmerman reached over and took something out of his glove box in full view of the kid.  It's an obvious intimidating move straight out of the cheap detective handbook.  

    I'm also curious when and where Zimm put a round into the chamber.  Is this what Trayvon saw?  Is this why Zimm hung up the call to the police, so he could audibly cock his weapon with both hands?  He tells the operator he doesn't want to give his home address out loud because the suspicious person is possibly in earshot.  (Is this when he is "looking for a street sign" aka coming around the corner of the townhouse into the darkness behind?)

    We'll likely never know, absent a confession since Zimmerman isn't telling the truth (according to the lead homicide investigator's opinion) and Trayvon is dead.  

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