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  •  While sea-level rises will displace millions (4+ / 0-)
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    the weak point for human survival is the patchy nature of soils and the limited availability of irrigation that will be left viable as global mean temperatures rise dramatically, leaving most soils in tropical and temperate climates too dry to support crop production, or rains too sporadic and irregular, while higher latitudes with poor soils and difficult to adapt to light conditions will provide few prospects for making up for the losses.

    If one can look beyond the superficial political, religious, and cultural issues that seem to place much of North Africa, South Asia, the Middle East and Central America in chaos, one can recognize that entire cultures and political systems are being pushed past their ecological sustainability, leading to more collapse and more chaos.  Our turn can only be measured now in years and decades.

    Most folks are too poorly trained in biology to recognize the implications of rising soil temperatures for most human and terrestrial life.  Peering back into geological time, when dramatic elevations in temperature took place, such as in the Permian and during the Early-Mid Eocene, point to monumental faunal and floral changes that are only now beginning to be fully appreciated.  When one recognizes that temperatures are rising far faster than they did during these geological periods and the former led to the extinction of 99% of all life on the planet, the prognosis is not good.

    It is ironic that ignorance carried forth under the banner of salvation shall become the instrument of our destruction and that crusaders such as James Inhoff and the Koch Brothers shall go down in history as enablers of greater mass murder than Hitler could ever have aspired to.  What was meant to be moral and economically righteous will prove to be more immoral and more economically catastrophic than anyone could have ever recognized.

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