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  •  Where does God live? Funny you should ask (7+ / 0-)

    A friend is coming this evening who could tell you.

    Oh I know too but I forget the lyrics about how they made the decision. It was a big meeting up in heaven... big shots were there... Moses, Joan of Arc, MLK Jr...
    Wait... it isn't where God lives. It's the Kingdom of Heaven. But still.

    And the lyrics are on line. The songs writer, David Roth, no relation, is a very amusing, wordy writer and folk singer, worth seeing. Didn't know his stuff would be listed.

    But if you find the kingdom, think you'll find God hanging out too.
    So all these big shots gathered and a meek little guy speaks out, Murray Goldberg, still on probation. His statement ends with

    So how 'bout we scrap all the blueprints and plans and instead we install it by parts
    And we put a large portion of Heaven deep down in the corner of everyone's heart
    (Just to show what I meant by amusing and wordy the next verse is)
    Again there was silence, and then an explosion, unanimous beating of wings and of legs
    And the meeting had gone through the night to the dawn, so St. Benedict started some eggs
    Harriet Tubman went off for her train, St. Bernard went off walking his dog
    "I'm takin' a couple of tablets" says Moses, while Murray was simply agog

    But from that moment forward the issue was passed
    With a permanent home by decree
    Where two or more beings are gathered in love
    Here the Realm of all Heaven shall be

    (Just read some lyrics of songs of his I never heard and thought I should share page. A humorous progressive)

    I'll go to my 6th grade idea of God. I'd stopped going to Catholic school and church the year before.
    I'd always had trouble with the God they taught. I refused to accept that God would be so picky about who he would take in, rejecting loving people who were of some other faith or none at all
    or more specific things like when he sent two bears to maul and kill 40+ children for mocking a bald prophet passing through town or any of that old testament smiting
    Or that divorced remarried people or whatever they decided was mortal sin couldn't get into heaven
    or would like me any better than my friend who wasn't baptized and didn't go to church or want to
    I didn't think or know of sex much but the bible said Jesus had brothers and why would Mary be better if she died a virgin anyway and hey a concordance said the root word of virgin in verses they pointed to regarding her Jesus pregnancy just meant young and unmarried
    And no I did not believe the pope was always right, look at history
    And no I would not write 500 times that "a Good Catholic does not question her religion" because that would be a lie because of course God would want his children to ask questions
    and so on

    I left with no regrets. Was there God? I didn't know but if so God was not who they were teaching. That was the church, limiting and shrinking God and I definitely did not belong there.
    I went on my agnostic ways.
    I did return for a time when my son and already baptized step-daughters wanted us yo go. We had a very nice priest. It was a funny experience and my kids  made trouble in catechism class similar to trouble I had made at their age
    I don't belong in a church.

    Where does God live? In our hearts is a pretty good answer. In our subatomic bits and mega-cosmic waves
    Where we find God, whatever we call God and also where we don't

    If God were that old unreachable man in the sky we get taught...
    oh for easy answers
    though vague on tragedy

    Where does God live. Here, there, everywhere?
    Well if here it is God's turn to clean the house, it is a mess.

    The world too

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