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View Diary: Mitt Romney to uninsured people with pre-existing conditions: Tough luck (155 comments)

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    there were 26 million people uninsured. As Obama the candidate said if it was affordable people would get insurance. Given the fact that the economy as it is barely allows people to stay afloat and keep food on the table and a roof over their heads how does Mittens think they can afford insurance?

    I don't know how many people in this country are self employed or own their own businesses but I bet it's a lot. How are these folks supposed to stay in business and pay the vig to an industry that charges you in our case, 1,400$ a month for 2 people. That money gets you junk, with a 5000$ deductible? That's not insurance that's extortion.  

    My mortgage including property taxes and insurance is !,200 and that is sometimes hard to make. 25-30%, as a self proprietorship bus. of my income goes to taxes. We took a 30% hit in our business in 2009. Were slowly rebuilding by bootstrapping but would seriously lose everything if we had to come up with this amount. Most civilized wealthy countries have health care that is accessible and      

    All these billionaire/millionaire pols including the Democratic ones are clueless or heartless regarding how ordinary people are supposed to live in a society that does not offer decent wages or means to make a good living  and penalizes you if you can't afford to pay for not health care but access to health care. Wealth creation for the top while the rest of us sacrifice so they can be competitive. This is not what democracy looks like.  

    I resent pols blaming people who can't afford this extortion and yet refusing to regulate the insurance industry. The priority of profit for the privatized  health care industry is ass backward as health is not a commodity but a right. Maybe instead of using our taxes to bail out crooks and killing people in endless wars  they ought to use them to make our society work for the common good of the people.  


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