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View Diary: Mitt Romney to uninsured people with pre-existing conditions: Tough luck (155 comments)

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  •  I always wonder (3+ / 0-)
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    Old Lefty, Philpm, FloridaSNMOM

    not from a strictly religious standpoint, but more of a cultural standpoint, how much Romney's indoctrination into Mormon culture affects his political viewpoints. That Romney lies to the country [most of whom are "gentiles" during his political campaign [or bullshits, or both] is supported by  written and visual evidence, but would he lie so easily to a group of Mormon churchmen?

    Laudably, Mormons are well know for their concern for those belonging to the church, poor and rich alike, but my experience is they are not likewise as concerned about the "gentiles." I remember years ago when I visited, accidentally, a very poor section of Ogden - yes there are homeless people in Utah - and the only charitable organization I came across was a Salvation Army soup kitchen; no LDS presence in sight.

    My experience with Mormons [among others, my Ph.D. committee chair was a devout Mormon and one of the kindest, finest men I have ever known] is that Mormons have a strong "salvation through works" ethic. How does this influence Romney's attitudes toward the poor, especially non-Normon poor?

    How much of Mitt's seeming "insensitivity" is mediated by his background in a church that "takes care of its own." and separates the world into those belong to the church and "gentiles." Mormonism is not unique in this respect of course, but all religions, especially the "Children of Abraham"  have propensities toward "tribalism", at least it appears so to me

    Likewise, Mitt is not unique; all of us come from some where and are brought up in a particular cultural environment and it would be foolish to assume that the decisions we make and the methods we use to achieve our goals are not in some way influenced by our cultural and religious [or non-religious] background.

    •  I have similar experience if individual LDS folks (1+ / 0-)
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      However, in the context of your post I think it important to understand the indoctrination function of the 'Mission' period of the young initiates, something I had the opportunity observe first hand while living next door to a couple of fine clean shaven young men from Ogden many years ago.

      The details of my six months of observation make an interesting story but I'll cut to the chase. IMHO the conversion of gentiles is strictly secondary to the most significant function of the Mission which is to permanently ingrain the supremacy of  Church Doctrine over and above all doubt or question in the minds of the Missionaries themselves.

      If so, then the answer is obvious;

      how much Romney's indoctrination into Mormon culture affects his political viewpoints.
      every day and in every way. Tunnel vision would be a charitable description of the condition, which translates either to utter cynicism or willful often jolly) ignorance.

      Whether cynical, ignorant or both it does not bode well for Mittens come D vs R debate time. Deja schadenfreude anyone?

      I thought I smelled the water, but it was just mean spirit

      by Old Lefty on Wed Mar 28, 2012 at 08:49:54 AM PDT

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