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View Diary: Ryan budget would 'cut top rate to lowest level since Hoover Administration' (18 comments)

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  •  The middle class (2+ / 0-)
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    tb mare, eps62

    will not survive many more of the GOP plans including this one.

    Peter Orzag said today on Bloomberg they need to raise the price of water, so the people will use less.  He is listed as  democrat, but he must be a corporate Democrat.

    Thinking like that is probably why we are paying  $3.60 for gas.

    Orzsag and his corporate friends set around and conjure up things to harrass and things to cost the middle class more.

    Peter walked out of government into the office of citicorp and worked for Peterson when he was in the government.

    These people are like blow flies.  If I had the money our rich leaders and corporate leaders have, I would not grasp greedily for every last penny.  I would relax and let the young keep a few pennies.

    They just want to pile on everyone. and take from the 99%.

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