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  •  I agree with your enthusiasm. (46+ / 0-)

    But according to Horace's diary, she had Medicaid.  There is much more hate going on here than just uninsurance. It's about racism, classism, and sexism all put together with the result that Ann is now dead.

    I write the series Confessions of a Retail Worker here on DK. It documents my life in a non-unionized workplace.

    by Lightbulb on Wed Mar 28, 2012 at 04:29:25 PM PDT

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    •  'Patient dumping' I was sent home w/broken knee. (19+ / 0-)

      I had fallen in the street, brought in by ambulance b/c I couldn't walk. Took my insurance info-(medicaid) cursory exam and x ray-told nothing wrong, given script for painkillers, managed to get home.

      Got through the night. Phone ringing off the hook the next morning. It was a ?M.D. from the brand new hospital ER I sought care from the previous day informing me I did, indeed, break my knee,'you need to see an orthopedic MD and get a  cast fitted etc....Can't drive, and Saturday-no transit available. They also wouldn't provide me w/follow up MD.

      Searching for an MD that would treat me locally w/my insurance was impossible, and than I was informed about the EMTALA law by the office of one of the local MD's I sought treatment with. That 'hospital' was 'dumping' all of their medicaid pts. on all of the local private practice MD's.

      Many phone calls placed, and only after I confronted the 'hospital w/this info informing them they were in violation of the law- only then, did I get proper care. Also I had to get my ER records to bring to my visit w/this MD. He looked @ the records and immediately spotted one glaring error-,wrong knee ..Yup  it was my 'other left' knee that was broken.

      Sorry, all that over just a broken knee, but it served as another warning to me about what lies ahead. Our HC in this country is truly fucked up.  Single payer.

      •  peptabysmal, this is horrid! I hope you keep (10+ / 0-)

        documentation of this (with names & dates) in case it is ever needed.

        I know very little about medicaid & what little I do know is based solely on the (federal) Katie Beckett Deeming Waiver- which is the insurance my child with disabilities is on.

        It is my understanding that this waiver will be replaced by medicaid when my child becomes an "adult" at age 18.

        Here & there I have been seeing people's stories about what appears to be (to me) discrimination in treatment and/or attitudes regarding those on medicaid. This is very frightening to me because of my child and anyone that is forced by circumstance to use medicaid.  It is also morally rehensible to me that this is happening at all.

        If this medicaid based (treatment) discrimination is true, I wonder if there is a complilation of these stories & if there is any recourse at the federal level?  Does anyone know?

        •  Perhaps (4+ / 0-)
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          peptabysmal, worldlotus, llbear, winglion

          you can start here

          Googling only brings up right wing memes touting how the system is broken without linear logic to pinpoint the problem.

          Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

          by Horace Boothroyd III on Wed Mar 28, 2012 at 07:30:34 PM PDT

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          •  Thanks for the link, Horace. The linked article (4+ / 0-)

            is nightmare producing on many levels.   I am going to follow whatever source links from the article to see if there is an established data base containing individual "stories" as well as try to find out if there is recourse available against this form of discrimination.
            (Provided I don't die of old age navigating the maze...)

            Justice needed for so very many.  

        •  I fear for anyone who doesn't have an advocate (7+ / 0-)

          to help them or fight for their interests, should they become unable-whatever the reason. In your case it is even scarier, b/c of a disabled child having to navigate a system that was hard to deal with before all of the draconian cuts were made.

          I've been howling about this crap for years, even when I was working, and had good insurance. Now I have 2 kids who both wok full time-and have no insurance, and worry.

          This constant r-w assault on the things people who live in other 'first world' countries see as a right instead of a privilege needs to stop.

          We are becoming a laughing stock, and I hope we get single payer in before your child becomes affected.

          BTW, thanks for your concern, I am a documenting 'fool'.

          •  My sentiments as well re: (3+ / 0-)
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            winglion, createpeace, kurt
            I fear for anyone who doesn't have an advocate to help them or fight for their interests, should they become unable-whatever the reason.
            Often, just navigating the medical systems alone can be a nightmare for most unless they have the ability to research/become informed or even know to do so.  Regardless of insurance status.

            On a personal level, I have noted in just the past year the neccesity to research medical issues indepth and become "learned" on a variety of medical  treatment options to insure optimal health care for loved ones. Not sure if this is a new trend or the status quo.

            Nothing to do with insurance coverage but everything to do with patient- healthcare advocacy.  Which adds yet another frightful concern to the mix for people but especially so for the most vulnerable in our society, IMHO.

            In an aside regarding the medicaid waiver my child is on-
            the Deeming Waiver became law as a direct result of the tireless efforts of the Becketts (Katie's parents).  Because of them, this waiver is available to states as an opt in, does not have the income eligibilty requirements of regular medicaid & enables a child with disability to be medically treated in the community (home) instead of as a resident of an institution (hospital) at far less cost.

            A godsend for those within those states that opted in.  That being said, I have seen the reinbursement rates for services ranging from therapies to specialized physicians.

            Criminal as far as I am concerned; another something that needs to be overhauled asap.  

            The pittance reinbursed to a host of medical entities, that I have personally tracked for the past 15 years, should be a badge of shame for the USA.  If this is the norm across the USA, I can understand to a certain degree why a medical entity would refuse medicaid patients.....

            •  Eliminate the insurance co layer of profit, the (2+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:
              worldlotus, kurt

              real providers of these services etc will increase.

              There is no excuse, other than pure greed, why any facility should ever deny treatment to medicaid pts, the working poor, or the homeless.

              Denial of care to people who need it and cant pay is appalling, and inexcusable. Greedy ass insurance company/lobbies healthcare conglomerate profiteers blame.

              A concerned mother of 2 kids who are working fulltime, and they still cant get HC.
              Single. Payer. Perio.d.

              •  Totally agree. In fairness to the many medical (2+ / 0-)
                Recommended by:
                peptabysmal, kurt

                specialists who provide care for my child with disability & multiple health issues, I just wish they were compensated/reinbursed by medicaid at a more equitable rate than what I've seen over the past 15 years.

                My comments take into consideration the fact that these are doctors within highly specialized fields who have provided comprehensive care on an ongoing basis for years- at a loss.  I was appalled to discover- that whether a liver transplant doctor, a neurosurgeon, etal- the average rate of medicaid reinbursement has been less than it takes to fill our vehicle with petro.  None of them have gotten wealthy treating my child...aside from good karma.

            •  Not new. (1+ / 0-)
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              On a personal level, I have noted in just the past year the neccesity to research medical issues indepth and become "learned" on a variety of medical  treatment options to insure optimal health care for loved ones. Not sure if this is a new trend or the status quo.

              This is what I've always had to do for others in order to ensure they get the health care they need and deserve while at the bottom of the income ladder.

              I write the series Confessions of a Retail Worker here on DK. It documents my life in a non-unionized workplace.

              by Lightbulb on Thu Mar 29, 2012 at 07:19:53 AM PDT

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      •  I'm in awe of you. (2+ / 0-)
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        peptabysmal, Oh Mary Oh

        Not just for your two left knees, but that you survived  an encounter with American emergency care. Not to degenerate the many fine EMTs we have, just to slap the smug face of American health not care  It's a testimony to the strength of the human spirit that any Americans live long enough to reproduce!

        I just need another tax cut to get my MRI. I'm sure that my next employer will see that I need an MRI as an incentive to claim more tax cuts and be an even more awesome job creator. It will also help prevent those broken bones sticking out of my legs, which surprisingly, seems to turn potential customers off.

        Crippilingly Yours,

        •  It was Awesome-with a capital 'F'.. (2+ / 0-)
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          Oh Mary Oh, createpeace

          The EMT's were kind-a lot of them are volunteers around here.

          Its that 'hospital' that sucks. Its a brand new facility that just opened up here. We did not need another hospital here, the one we had was sufficient. The only reason the parent corp. built this out here is this county has the highest per capita income in the state. More money, better insurance etc...

          I am definitely not among their chosen demographic. That was clearly evidenced by the condescending attitude of the 'nurse' who treated and released me.

          I gave my son strict instructions to never allow me to be treated there under any circumstances.

          Yesterday,someone asked Sen Ron Johnson where women who couldn't afford birth control should get it. That idiot responded with 'google it'...maybe we could google us some MRI's and decent health care for all.

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