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View Diary: Breaking News: ABC video - George Zimmerman EMBEDDED video (149 comments)

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  •  I think you are saying that you (1+ / 0-)
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    sc kitty

    yourself don't buy the story. But that is not what I asked. The lawyers job is to sew seeds of doubt. Zimmerman's appearance that night will not jibe with how most jurors would expect a murderer's disposition to be.

    •  Let me clarify (2+ / 0-)
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      chipoliwog, Angie in WA State

      Zimmerman gave a cover story of being accosted, beaten and that in fear for his life, he had to shoot Martin in self-defense.

      Your seeds of doubt approach might work if Zimmerman was denying being involved.

      But, he admits to shooting Zimmerman on grounds of self-defense. Do you understand that? His stand your ground defense is was that he had to kill Martin to protect himself from further grievous injury.

      So, no, it is not about me not buying Zimmerman's story but that this video evidence directly contradicts his "stand your ground" alibi.

      This video is a problem his attorneys will have to explain away if their stand your ground defense is to be plausible.

      In other words, a man who has just been nearly beaten to death and had to kill someone in self-defense should look a little shaken. Given the evidence of the 9/11 call and the visual contradictions to his cover story, this video makes him look like an emotionally detached  psychopath.

      •  Not necessarily (1+ / 0-)
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        Angie in WA State

        Not everybody falls to pieces, at least not visibly or right away.

        When I ran off the road because of a deer, I was shook up, but once I got out of the car and the ambulance got there and I realized I wasn't hurt, I calmed down considerably (though I was freaking out when I called my husband).

        When our house was broken into, I was perfectly calm when I called the cops and when they came out. It was later I freaked out some.

        Everybody reacts differently. So it's not his calmness that is the problem for me.

        It's the fact that he doesn't look like he's been in any kind of fight, been on the ground, nothing. Hell, I look worse than that after working in the garden.

        •  Having a car accident or a burglary is hardly (2+ / 0-)
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          Tonedevil, Angie in WA State

          equivalent to shooting and killing someone face to face at close range.

          I'm not trying to trivialize your experiences as I am sure they were very traumatic to you.  But they simply are not the same as killing someone.

          He knew exactly what he did. He (supposedly, if we can believe the increasingly discredited police reports) made the exactly correct statements necessary to justify using a weapon under the Stand Your Ground law. He moves casually and relaxed behind the patrol car and walks without being nudged on.

          A person in shock can hardly move, let alone walk where they are told.  A person who hasn't had the reality sink in by this point?  I just do not buy that. Sorry.

          Having been a sworn officer, he looks pretty calm and peaceful, compared to all other people I've seen in very similar situations.  Killing someone -- for non-sociopaths -- is a deeply affecting experience.  

          What a Police State Looks Like: "On one side: soft human flesh, unprotected human skulls, cardboard signs, slogans they chant, armed with belief in 1st Amendment rights. On the other: helmets, body armor, guns, batons, chemical weapons." -- JanetRhodes

          by YucatanMan on Wed Mar 28, 2012 at 09:50:09 PM PDT

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