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View Diary: Fracking Was On The Menu And Contempt Was On The Plate (72 comments)

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    for your reporting on this important topic. I'm glad to hear that your side turned out a good crowd.

    At least it wasn't you, Laura, and twenty company attorneys and consultants.

    I could picture this hearing in my mind while I read your description, I've been at too many of these things.

    I hope you folks are able to track the air pollution that fracking will cause. Each well brings with it a whole collection of poorly regulated air pollution sources; generators, storage tanks, gas treatment systems, discharges of gas when the well comes on line, and so on.

    Folks could raise a stink when these facilities' air pollution permits come up for public review. A half-dozen wells produce as much air pollution as an oil refinery.

    If no one objects they will produce 10 times as much air pollution, compared to reasonable regulation.

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