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View Diary: (UPDATE) The Tragic Story of Another African-American Teenager (29 comments)

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  •  Why Rochester area doesn't care (0+ / 0-)

    Also why as a middle of the road person I have finally said FUCK THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

    I work in Rochester NY these days.  I used to be a Right leaning independent (sorry).  What changed?  I am surrounded by devoted Repugs!  Once they found out I was Jewish (GASP! The horror) I was no longer some nice white person, but one of those uppity minorities that need to learn their place (Our company has ZERO minorities in management!).  I Finally saw the truth of Repugs.  The do have great ideas they spout, but just use those as code words and cover for their bigotry (They LIE, They don't mean what they say).  I APOLOGIZE FOR EVER BELIEVING IN THEM!  (My main reason was, at least they supported Yisrael, well I can find enough Democrats that do, to counter the overall base of the party to accept them)

    Our company hosts regular meetings at country clubs.  I have never seen a city be so overrun by these.  Do you know what a country Club REALLY IS?  It is the same as some ignorant bastard waving the Stars and Bars, only difference...MONEY!

    This white bread country club culture of Rochester is the reason why this girls plight has been ignored here in the local media

    Sorry if some of this was off topic, but I feel my expierences here in this culture in Rochester directly relate as to why the media here don't give a dam!

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