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View Diary: White-Washing Anti-Semitism after the Toulouse Attacks (23 comments)

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  •  David Littman is the spouse of Bat Ye'or (1+ / 0-)
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    So he must be an objective and unbiased writer, huh? Both are in cahoots together.

    Number two, reading Bat Ye'or's work as a google preview translates into not reading the book to you?

    Number three, why are you so reluctant to show me that Eurabia is factual and inevitable despite my request?

    •  Do you know anything about him? (0+ / 0-)

      His history as a human rights activist?

      I find it sad that you seem so quick to characterize that which you do not know.

      Is a Google preview the same as reading the entire book? If so, why is it called a preview? I do not think a preview qualifies as reading the whole.

      I am not reluctant at all. There are limitations as to what is possible here, and you have already shown a predisposition to dismiss. Discussing Eurabia does not really deal with the diary either. My comment was a simple aside to provide accuracy.

      Conversely, why are you so reluctant to believe that the book is factual, when someone that has read it completely says so?

      I will say that the Littmans have been involved firsthand in fighting for human rights and against antisemitism since well before the events referred to in Eurabia, and from that experience have come to their positions, which, from reading your diary, may not be so far from your own.

      Here is David Littman speaking at the Human Rights Council last year on behalf of women:

      I'll leave it at that. If you want to believe these are just loons, that is your prerogative, but I need not share that judgment.

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