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View Diary: Smearing Trayvon Martin: The True Lie that Black Men Commit More Crime than Whites (278 comments)

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    I, like everyone else, have my opinion about what the 'truth' behind crime and its relationship to race is. I just don't think that the fact that Black people are the 'Slave Race of America' can really be said to have no bearing on people's perceptions, or black people's lives.  

    Also, if you do accept that there is a divergance in the black crime rate, which I do, it seems to have shot up in the 1960s when all the manufacturing jobs were leaving. Figures, black people would be the first hurt by the deteriorating economic position of America, right.  (That's not to say that being heavily policed doesn't effect it. I'm pretty sure if you tallied up the number of traffic tickets given, blacks must appear to be the worse drivers in the world as well, since its always blacks who are being pulled over. Here I really doubt blacks are just racially predisposed to committ trafic violations though.

    Related, the murder rate has actually gone down since the 60s, according to the FBI, but the robbery rate has more than doubled. I don't think the equation is as simple as poor people commit crime, but I imagine increased unemployment and lower educational rates in the black community have to influence the number of people who decide to rob. (Rape and Kill, not so much. I can see how being unemployed can make a person say let me rob this person, not seeing the connection between being unemployed or unemployable and deciding to rape someone, or kill them for shitz n giggles.)

    Hell, in light of the Trayvon Martin case you've been hearing all the testimonials about black mothers telling their sons how to behave in public and not be shot. I also sometimes secretly suspect some of the issues facing the black community are the result of collective PTSD. Being America's 'slave race', the convient whipping boys and girls, the scapegoats for the world economic collapse (It happened because blacks bought houses you know.) is stressful. Stress ain't healthy, people.  

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