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View Diary: House Republicans vote to end Medicare as we know it, again (89 comments)

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  •  You know - no longer do I even want discussion (2+ / 0-)
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    CuriousBoston, Terminus

    They are outlandish - these right wing extremists.

    I worked my entire civilian career with American families and children in crisis.  Most were poor.  All ethnicities.  In the USA if you are poor - it is your own fucking fault - that is their message.

    Fuck them.

    Fuck Boehner.  Fuck Cantor.  Fuck the Republicans - all of them.  They all vote for the wealthy and the corporations and they do not care about the 99%.

    I am sick of it all.

    I am retired.  Over sixty.  I am retreating to my home - my few stores and the VA.

    The US is a hustler nation.  I recommend Morris Berman's book,  "Why America Failed."  It is filled with truth.  It is a sad story.

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