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View Diary: If the ACA dies, America may be lost. (19 comments)

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    beach babe in fl

    This is not a discussion about the merits of the ACA.

    Something can suck and be constitutional and not suck and be unconstitutional. The question that strikes at the very heart of our system of laws is whether the Supreme Court can simply pull an illogical, unprecedented, contradictory decision out of thin air and strike down such a law. I believe they think they can. Will they?

    You are on acid if you think that this law being declared unconstitutional will lead us to the promised land of single payer—at least not without years of millions suffering.

    GOP: The Party of Acid rain, Abortion of the American Dream, and Amnesty for Wall Street.

    by Attorney at Arms on Thu Mar 29, 2012 at 07:21:47 PM PDT

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