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  •  Health "insurance" is not really insurance (6+ / 0-)

    Traditionally, insurance has been issued to guard against unlikely (but possible) incidents that are devastating if they occur.  Most people who own a house will not see it burn to the ground, but those few who do will lose everything.  It makes sense for every homeowner to pay a few hundred dollars a year to insure the house against fire damage, even though most people who are covered will never file a claim.

    However, every person who is not a vampire, highlander or other immortal is nearly guaranteed to get sick and die, usually while consuming costly healthcare.  A small minority of people will die in sudden fatal accidents or attacks that don't actually require medical care, but they don't significantly reduce the risk or price of insurance (after all, even many gunshot or stab victims will make it to an emergency room).

    Health insurance is the only type of insurance which guards against a likely event -- costly illness -- that almost all recipients will eventually experience, leading them to file a claim.  That's why the premiums are so high.  And that's also why healthcare is not a commodity that can be insured against at a profit.

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