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  •  The worst thing Scalia said by far (2+ / 0-)
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    came in this exchange:

    GENERAL VERRILLI: No. It's because you're going -- in the health care market, you're going into the market without the ability to pay for what you get, getting the health care service anyway as a result of the social norms that allow -- that -- to which we've obligated ourselves so that people get health care.

    JUSTICE SCALIA: Well, don't obligate yourself to that. Why -- you know?

    GENERAL VERRILLI: Well, I can't imagine that that -- that the Commerce Clause would --would forbid Congress from taking into account this deeply embedded social norm.

    JUSTICE SCALIA: You -- you could do it.

    The "obligation" being discussed here is that when someone shows up at the ER about to die they get helped, regardless of whether they have insurance or can pay for it. What Scalia is doing here is joining that Republican debate audience that cheered in approval when it was suggested that we should just let the uninsured die. This wasn't some kind of aberration. They really mean it. He's actually suggesting that instead of something like a mandate, the legislature should be figuring out how to end this obligation and solve the problem by just refusing emergency treatment to the uninsured and letting them die instead. That is where modern Conservative ideology leads you.

    Yep, they really are that bad folks.

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