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  •  I think that it is more complicated than (0+ / 0-)

    that and that there are a lot of different contributing factors that brought us to the place where we are now.  DFHs are not at all the center of the controversy although they are part of the picture and like everyone else their contributions were good and bad.  There were some who were looking for the common good and some who were riding a wave that allowed them freedom and opportunities for opportunism.  But they were by no means the only group that yielded mixed results especially during that tumultuous and polarized era.

    In any case, it was what happened in the 70's that I think really set us on the precarious path that we are all on now.  And for my money that was all about cynicism and detachment.  It is a natural response after a decade like the 60s when people were basically not able to avoid the conflicts around them between the war, the civil rights battle, the societal shifts, the cultural changes and the political turmoil - it is not surprising that people experienced fatigue.

    The truth is that that is one reason that I wrote this diary.  I am so exhausted that I am of a mind to just go read People Magazine and watch E! and forget about all of this bullshit.  I won't because I am not that way for a long list of reasons, but if I am tempted, I can only imagine what people who aren't inclined to engage in our political system are thinking.  On the other hand, my Mother is dying and I am not able to really devote my attention to a bunch of crazy people at the moment.  My mother who spent her whole life helping people is dying and all of these fuckers are trying to undo what she and my father did during the course of their lives.  I think that part of the reason that I resent the Democrats of this era so much is that my parents are watching what they achieved be undone, bastardized and otherwise destroyed.  It is insulting and it pisses me off.

    So, here we all are.  Trying to stop the crazy train and I don't really care on some level how the crazy train was fueled as much as I care about it being stopped.

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