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View Diary: Rep. Joe Walsh on Tammy Duckworth's service: 'Ehhh' (86 comments)

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  •  I appreciate your point, but (1+ / 0-)
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    People who serve do so with the intention of serving for their country.

    Tammy D. is not germane to the point your make. Individuals usual act our of friendship and a bond of love that unites people in this peculiar stress of combat.

    If you want to hang the tag on Bush and the rest of the chicken hawks and chickens hits, go ahead. I'm with you. It is a ritual that those who fight and die or live in war are on average too young to make decisions to go to war, tend to regret getting involved to some degree, etc.

    But a person who takes an oath to obey the highers up in service of their country is bound by the UMCJ to obey those orders. It is a sore subject in that on a higher up level, there was a tendency to threaten even retired generals with loss of their pensions if they spoke up, i.e. in the rightist view of the time (changeable with who's in office) you are required to resign your commission and surrender your pension if you wish to have all citizen rights.

    The average soldier does not have the rights of squat, nor for that matter do government employees generally. They are allowed to vote and that's about it, assuming they can get that done.

    If your point is that the war was not for a noble cause I agree with you. If your point is that Tammy Baldwin could not be ennobled by her service in her adherence to duty, honor and country, I can't.

    I'm reading Maddow's drift which is intriguing in how we ended up in this position, but this is all above Tammy Baldwin's pay grade. She did her duty. She served her country. She's not the first good soldier to serve her country at a time it was guided badly. That was not her function then, one would hope that her feelings will inform her behavior as a public official. I think that will happen.

    But this is also a race against Walsh, who both shot his mouth off and stayed home. Screw him. I've opposed the last several wars and haven't felt a bit guilty.

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