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View Diary: A Tale of Two Borgia TV Shows: As Usual, Americans Get the Inferior (45 comments)

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  •  some comments about episodic TV (3+ / 0-)
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    And TV in general too. And I watch Showtime and used to watch HBO Some comments..

    I just got surveyed by Nielsen ( ratings) on Showtimes Homeland. Some of the questions had to do with what I wanted to see more of. Does that mean if they get lots of people asking to see more of a character or a particular story line, do they writers change things around to reflect what viewers like me want?

    I can't watch the British version of Showtimes Shameless, but I think this show is so unusual on so many different levels. Its writing and characters knock me out every week. I read somewhere that the writers were picked because of their own struggles from their OWN lives ( hunger, poverty,abuse etc) And the acting is unbelievable. With one expression on his face, you understand why the father is alcoholic when his mother is introduced.

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