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View Diary: With or Without An 'Affordable' Care Act, Insurers Still Doing What They Do Best - Raising Premiums. (29 comments)

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  •  What you write is precisely what has (12+ / 0-)

    been swirling through my mind since the contemptible circus at the SCOTUS last week.

    It would seem that Americans have lived under this tyranny of healthcare being a privilege for so long, that we accept it as normal and okay-when it isn't.

    It's also because we live in a nation of "I got mine, so I don't give a rat's ass about the colective needs of the nation'

    I think most tragically, people know the country is terminal--in a terrible death spiral, and they feel utterly hopeless about what they can do to reverse this unfathomable trajectory.

    Perhaps the strangest thing of all is that no one seems to give a Flying F*** any more. Perhaps its despair after the enormous effort that went in to passing an unpopular and what may well turn out to be an unconstitutional set of health reforms.

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