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View Diary: Calling all Single Payer supporters everywhere to help elect a better Democrat (38 comments)

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  •  That's a great article (4+ / 0-)

    Naturally, I like this point, both micro- and macrocosmically:

    While state governments typically attempt to respond to the challenge of attracting business by lowering taxes, offering rebate deals to companies willing to relocate while tossing in some additional unimaginative ‘goodie’ packages that only mildly tempt business and eventually run out of steam, might there not be a better, more enduring carrot to be dangled before the eyes of business, both large and small?

    In what strikes me as the greatest combination since chocolate met peanut butter, it makes nothing but dollars and sense for clever state governments to shift to a single-payer state healthcare system as the key driver for attracting business to their struggling domains.

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