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    You probably already know you should build up gradually to the level of fitness that you are picturing for yourself. The main thing is to make some activity a routine in your weekly schedule. Do some walking or other exercise 3 or 4 times a week to begin with.

    Make time in your day for 1/2 hour of some walking. It helps to make it a consistent time like early in the morning or at lunchtime. Also, it's better to avoid exercise on a full stomach or right after you've eaten. If you make meals a reward after you exercise, it might give you more motivation. Experiment with routines, times, and rewards to find out what motivates you the best.

    A lot of people like to exercise with partners or coaches to help motivate them, but that can backfire if you are always in the habit of doing things because other people want you to. You might really start to resent your partner just because of your own emotional hangups.

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