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View Diary: Daily Beast: Protesters Demand Zimmerman Arrest (3 comments)

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  •  Sanford police takes action (3+ / 0-)
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    and threaten to arrest any reporter attempting to talk to any Sanford town employee.  OK, they later withdrew the threat, er directive, but the message still got out.  Sanford PD has circled the wagons.

    ITMT the RW continues its smears of Trayvon whereby now George was "pummeled" and had his head and face pounded into the pavement and barely escaped permanent brain damage.

    On other fronts Liz Trotta is outraged other African Americans are testifying as to their own experiences with racism and actually gives respect to the Martin family in their grief.

    The Zimmerman family continues to conflate George's injuries and the impact this has had on him.  Various experts continue to try to prove via a map that Trayvon had ambushed George and assaulted him without cause while they discount voice analysis which seem to indicate George was not the one screaming.

    RW continues to point out other examples of African Americans shooting whites or African Americans shooting African Americans asking where is the outrage.  They ignore in those cases the shooters were arrested on the spot, held w/o bond and in some cases later sentenced for the shooting.

    RW sees the marches and protests as examples of reverse racism and cite that Sharpton is involved so it must be a scam.  In RW America it is business as usual        

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