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View Diary: We've Identified Another Gun-Owner Who Shouldn't Own A Gun. (70 comments)

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  •  Greater controls over gun ownership (0+ / 0-)

    will only cause more criminals to have guns.. remove legal ownership and Guns will be used in crimes still. Hitler took away guns and people made them at home or used the black market to buy them. Look at the gangs in the border states of Mexico. Guns are being smuggled in by the thousands. Greater controls over gun ownership is not the answer to crimes with guns involved.

    "As for bombs"
    The sale of  explosives is tightly controlled in this country thats news. When did fertilizer and diesel fuel become tightly controlled in this country. and when did matches and threaded pipes do the same. Timothy McVey sure knew where to find these so called tightly controlled explosives in this country. You can go out to a grocery store and buy the makings of some really nasty bombs, including the detonators for them..ever heard of a IED?

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