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    I looked at the Ryan Budget's 10 Nay votes before; came to much the same conclusion. Jones and Platts? They're both highly vulnerable to bouts of sanity, and Jones is a highly popular incumbent (may get primaried at one point though) and Platts probably can get away with breaking from leadership slightly more now he's not got to worry about another term. Gibson? It's probably political posturing, although I wouldn't be surprised if he actually was opposed to it as an individual, and he's been able to get permission to vote against it. Whitfield is weird; he SOMETIMES (very rarely) breaks from conservative orthodoxy, and as he was a "no" on the RSC budget, I'm GUESSING that means he voted against it from the left. McKinley is also probably voting against it from the left.

    Rehberg? Almost definitely a clever political move. If he came even close to touching that budget, this race would go from a tossup to a lean/likely D just like that; it'd make some EXTREMELY effective ads. And the only effective counter the GOP have came up with to those ads? "PolitiFact thinks they're not exactly 100% true, so yeah!" Amash and Duncan? Sometimes their Paul-esque style of politics translates into sanity, this is one of those times. Huelskamp and Barton, like Amash and Duncan, supported the RSC budget the first time around; those four as a whole are definitely attacking it from the right. Well, maybe not Duncan. I dunno what he's thinking.

    British guy with a big interest in US politics; -3.50, -3.18. Overheard at CPAC: A liberal, a moderate and a conservative walk into a bar. The bartender says "Hey Mitt".

    by General Goose on Tue Apr 03, 2012 at 02:56:20 PM PDT

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