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View Diary: Of Boiling Men Alive In Our Name (168 comments)

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  •  What part needs verification.. (4.00)
    The boiling or that we are giving aid and comfort to these monsters.

    Bill Clinton was forced to withdraw funding from the Taliban because of their treatment of women.

    The state dept knew fine how ruthless the Taliban was. That's why the US chose them.

    US women's groups put the pressure on the White House and all funding was withdrawn.

    The fact we deal at all with these monsters is enough to send shudders down the spine of decent people.

    There is a link to pics above the clearly show people that have been boiled.

    There is also conclusive evidence Bush is giving aid to these people.

    That's enough for me.

    •  Agreed (4.00)

      Bush bombed the shit out of Iraq with far less information than we have here on boiling people. Then the sob joked about hunting for WMDS.

      Gawd he, them all of it makes me sick.

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