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  •  I think there are a lot of religious people who (5+ / 0-)

    find their morality by the same way that atheists do. I think they just view religious doctrine as "reinforcement" of what seems naturally right to them.  My parents are devout Christians, but they are non-judgmental, accepting, forgiving and they don't think much about everlasting hellfire, etc. They just try to follow the example and teaching of Christ. Kindness, generosity, and there's no 2 people you'd rather going to bat for you if you're in trouble. Courageous.
    I would almost describe people like your grad student as a "Neo-christian".  
    I've felt for a long time that it was impossible to speak about religion and spirituality in this country because it was always a discussion about politics. There is an authoritarian political cult that has gotten hold of the "born again Christians" and sold them on a political definition of Christianity. I have some of those in my family.

    I'd rather have a buntle afrota-me than a frottle a bunta-me.

    by David54 on Wed Apr 04, 2012 at 04:24:55 PM PDT

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