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View Diary: Romney Broke Black Letter Law. Election Bribery. Read for yourself. (303 comments)

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    One of the differences between the Ds and the Rs is that the Rs never let anything slide.  Remember Whitewater?  Combing Hillary's legal billings for overcharges?  Imagine if Romney was held to that same standard.  The Rs spent more than $64 million going after the Clinton's "crimes".

    Then there was Siegelman in Alabama, a case about nothing, demonstrably political in nature, yet he went to prison.

    One of the reasons that the Rs laugh at the Ds is because they are unwilling to play hardball.  Rs see things in absolute terms, Ds see shades of gray.  As one R operative said, "We always stand up for our guy because he's our guy.  No matter what.  We make sure everyone plays ball because they know that when their time comes, we'll stand up for them too.  The Ds don't do that."

    Romney has obviously broken the law.  There are consequences for breaking the law.  Theirs is the "law and order" party.  If they caught a D doing the same thing, you can be assured that they would file a complaint, and if charges weren't brought, they would find another prosecutor, a civil court, or take to that media they dislike so much and hold that person up as "that lawbreaker" until they get the public up in arms - then file another complaint.

    The law is the law.  

    There is no delineation between "real" laws and those that don't matter.  This isn't Las Vegas.  If so, we wouldn't have 400,000+ pot busts each year.  If a young man can be stopped on the street and arrested for a petty offense, or the SCOTUS can rule that it is A-OK for a man that had once had a fine, had paid it, yet he was arrested and strip searched in two different jails, then a man blatantly breaking election law, on camera, should be treated the same.

    Besides - isn't this the party of "voter fraud is ruining our country?  And isn't this the man who is/was fraudulently registered to vote in a home (I'm sorry - basement) he has never lived in?  A great narrative for the Ds against Romney would be to remind them that Romney obviously doesn't believe election laws apply to him.  And they would be correct.  His PAC is also taking banned campaign contributions.  

    If we let them act like laws only apply to those who are not "real" Americans, then that's exactly who it will apply to - and the Rs will keep passing more and more restrictive laws that will only apply to anyone but Republicans.

    We can't just stick our collective heads in the sand and let them get away with it.  Again.

    "I want a president that can make a difference, not a deal." -KHK

    by Bcre8ve on Wed Apr 04, 2012 at 08:58:01 PM PDT

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