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View Diary: A Police Officer Was Forced To Release Pepper Spray. At 4 Year Old. (235 comments)

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  •  With regard to the non-instigators, yes (0+ / 0-)

    (Arrgh.  Retyping this due to my "wonderful" touchpad.)

    Obviously, the security person or people targeted some people with pepper spray -- not a hindsight mistake.

    The point I was trying to convey (not well ... thanks) is that dispersion of the pepper spray via the building's ventilation system may have inadvertently impacted people, like the four year old, who were not trying to force a response from the (let's call them) police.

    So if the police had better (i.e. more localized temporary impact) tools other than pepper spray available for the confrontational protesters, pepper spray could be considered a mistake with hindsight, given that it affected folks other than those of immediate concern.  I don't know that police would have a better option, given their circumstances, duties, and experience.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

    I've just watched my first video of this event, moving beyond news reading, and there's no question that some protesters were trying to elicit a physical response from the police.  

    In my book, these protesters are pretty despicable.  They are purposely trying to create a violent situation, regardless of its consequences on one side, the other side, and the police in the middle.

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