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View Diary: ObamaCare is Going Down. Premiums Didn’t. We Need Health Care, Not Insurance. (350 comments)

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  •  I'm a NY-er (9+ / 0-)

    And while I appreciate guaranteed issue (if you can find a non-group-employer based plan to get guaranteed issue into) and community rating it makes insurance very expensive.

    As in $10-18K per year for an adult. And that's including a plan with high ($2,800) deductible before you see a dime's worth of covered costs. (If you get your isurance through employment, your employer is paying several thousands of dollars for your policy, so though it may seem free to you, that's thousands more you could be getting in actual pay. When I became self-employed it was an eyeopener for me.)

    I don't qualify for cheaper, Medicaid or State Health Plus cost-supported plans, but I am by no means wealthy, or even well-paid. Still I can't go without insurance since a major illness could bankrupt me.  I've been unable to find a truly "catastrophic" loss type plan which I would prefer. So I'm stuck with paying for ordinary and routine type care that I could fund on my own. What I'd like is a cheaper policy that left me on the hook for the first $10-00 per year, but kicked in fully at the upper levels.

    Sort of like I don't expect my homeowners' policy to fix the busted furnace or worn out roof, but I'd be looking for coverage if the place burned down or a tornando tore it up.

    Somehow the perniscious health care insurance as an employment benefit has skewed things so people expect health care to be totally free to the end user. I'm not saying that I'm against national health, I think it would be just fine. But until we get there, the health insurance industry has created an unmanageable market perversion where the users (sick people) are somehow expected to be able to make rational purchasing decisions at a time when they simply can't.  And even if they have time to try and make price-value based decisions, no one can tell them what the actual price will be in the end. (I know I've tried doing this for elective things - it simply breaks down in practice.)

    Whatever happens to the ACA, we must not falter in demanding a bigger, better solution. The present situation cannot continue. Aside from ending the Wars, no other thing I can think of is more urgent.  WE MUST SOLVE THIS NOW!


    •  That's not so bad (3+ / 0-)
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      I got insurance through the small business I owned.  I had employee policies with the same company for years.  And I was in a state without guaranteed issue or community rating.

      My policy, before I dropped it, was costing $15,000 a year.  It would have been even higher if not for my company.

      So it doesn't appear that not having community rating or guaranteed issue saved anything.

      •  I had a similar situation (5+ / 0-)

        and the insurance was crap once my COBRA ran out and I had to get an individual plan.  It was supposed to be good insurance and it was close to 15K a year too, but it was terrible insurance, which you did not really find out until you used it and the bills came pouring in. Plus, the best I could do with the prescription plan was 50% copay and of course they manipulated the formulary list, made us get prior approval all the time.  Sometimes it took four trips to the drug store and four phone calls between me and the doc and the pharmacy just to get it filled.  You knew they were doing it on purpose hoping you'd just give up and not use the plan.

        And that was almost ten years ago now, so bump those number way up.  I bet it's not that different in NJ than in NY.

        "Justice is a commodity"

        by joanneleon on Thu Apr 05, 2012 at 12:53:54 PM PDT

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