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View Diary: ObamaCare is Going Down. Premiums Didn’t. We Need Health Care, Not Insurance. (350 comments)

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    We had to fight tooth and nail to get the bill we did get, and the R's immediately turned around and are doing all they can do to obstruct and repeal it. What on earth makes you think that if the "kenyan muslim" had gotten on his bully pulpit they would have somehow magically been persuaded to pass a more generous "liberal socialist" scheme? Not to mention the insurance companies who didn't put up a serious fight, but would have put every dollar and bit of influence they had into saving their lives and stopping a single payer/medicare type program. Wishful thinking is a massive understatement.

    from a bright young conservative: “I’m watching my first GOP debate…and WE SOUND LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!”

    by Catte Nappe on Thu Apr 05, 2012 at 11:34:02 AM PDT

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