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View Diary: Bankers form Super PAC: A new vortex of evil opens in fabric of universe (67 comments)

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    aside from the obvious horror - what the hell would they do if in bizarro world they won it all.  the oval office, all of the senate and congress. what would they do first.  would they just have one omnibus bill that wiped out every single government agency?  would they drop bombs everywhere?

    I truly think they actually believe it would never happen in a million years, so they like to play "what if"

    the kochroaches are so megomanical they probably play government the way little boys play war with plastic soldiers.  "just think how much money we would have if we didn't have to pay our contribution to social security, or provide health care or 401K matching contributions.  how much could our coal and gas plants make if we didn't have to hire lawyers and lobbyists and consultants, and follow stupid regulations. what if we didn't have to have accounting firms to find loopholes.  what if we didn't have to buy legislators and congress.  what if we could pay workers a $1 a day. we could be really really rich"

    bankers and large money would be free to fleece everyone.

    one large bill to privatize everything.  jack up prices/slash wages and benefits.  just make the whole country a backwater ignorant disintegrating third world banana republic.

    they don't need no stinkin middle class. they don't need no lousy consumers.  who cares if those merkin kids can think - we'll just outsource thinking.

    they never think beyond "what if for me" .  they never extrapolate their fantasies to their logical conclusions. because they think the american voter will never let them win it all.  Lord i hope they are right about that at least.

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