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View Diary: Taking Arizona Part 1 - CDs 1-3 and the State Senate (16 comments)

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    I have lurked around DKE for a while but now wanting to be proactive and so wanting as many tips as possible (particularly from a renowned researcher such as yourself - I saw David Nir give one of your diaries a promotion on his digest).

    I have read the components report - but I was trying to give each district a name and then partway through decided to list some of the more prominent components.

    I have yet to find out why McComish is considered so strong - he did vote against some of the anti-women type votes with a few of the more moderate Republicans so I presume he is not a raving lunatic.

    But I just cant work out why this seat doesn't have anybody competing for it when it forms part of the new 9th Congressional District - given the huge amount of competition for that seat by Dems I would have thought they would need to contest this seat...

    I am wondering whether the Phoenix area in this seat which is to the south of South Mountain is one of those Suburban areas that always vote Republican except for President... the local Councillor is a Republican.

    Australian. Democrat in spirit. 30 years old.

    by CF of Aus on Mon Apr 09, 2012 at 07:29:13 AM PDT

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