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  •  Hugging another's pet sheep was my first clue (3+ / 0-)
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    that I had an allergy to lanolin.  My mom used to soak me in Alpha-Keri to keep me from itching my exzema (sp); she had no clue it was lanolin that was the culprit, not fur and feathers.

    •  asdf (5+ / 0-)

      I'm allergic to everything that grows, yet I don't have problems with wool. What I'm allergic to is not the wool or the lanolin. It's the chemicals that process commercial wool into flat fabrics, and it's the vegetation that's still stuck to live sheeps. Plain fleece, picked and hand washed, is thankfully not a trigger for my allergies.

      Weathering Michigan's recessions since the '70s.

      by jennifree2bme on Fri Apr 06, 2012 at 03:20:30 PM PDT

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