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View Diary: Mich Republicans have ILLEGALLY passed over 96% (546) of their bills under “immediate effect” (206 comments)

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  •  This is frankly terrifying. (17+ / 0-)

    And yes,  where the hell were the Michigan Dems. I saw
    Rachel's show last night and could not believe it.  And it has happened 546 times. I did briefly wonder if similar things had occurred on a smaller scale as a matter of course in MI, but this is beyond the pale. Maybe Thom Hartmann will address it today. Ed Schultz was all over Wisconsin, but this is proto-fascism and gawd knows what else is lurking out there waiting to be discovered. Some times it appears that the right is going to such extremes, that you can only conclude that they're not trying to win elections, they're simply trying to grab whatever they can and the public (and the law) be damned.
    The only other conclusion is that they know the fix is in and they don't need to worry about winning elections.
    After all, between making it difficult to register and difficult to actually vote, combined with possible shenanigans, who's to say what will happen in the Nov. elections.
    Sorry to wax conspiratorial, but I'm stunned by this and can't believe the Justice Dept. hasn't arrived en masse.
    Thank you Eclectablog (and Rachel).

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