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View Diary: It's okay if you are Joe Zarelli (128 comments)

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  •  This IS Social Darwinism (8+ / 0-)

    A Cato Institute blogger the other day complained that President Obama referring to Republican ideology as "Social Darwinism" was just as much rhetorical overkill as the wingnuts referring to President Obama's policies and beliefs as "Socialism."  (

    The only problem with that false equivalency is that the policies the Republicans are pushing these days really ARE Social Darwinism, whereas nothing Obama has put forth comes within a country mile of actual Socialism.

    So here comes this joker with a plan that might have been writtten by William Graham Sumner, the Gilded Age champion of Social Darwinism.

    Check this out -- and see if you can find any material difference between Sumner and Zarelli.

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