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  •  most christian holidays fall on (13+ / 0-)

    what were once pagan days of celebration. this is by design, not coincidence. the early church leaders recognized (they were annoying, not stupid.) the best way to slowly eradicate the various pagan religions was to co-opt their holidays. hence, we find christmas (the birth of christ) celebrated not in the summer (when, based on biblical description, he was most likely actually born), but in late dec., when various pagan celebrations, looking forward to the return of the sun, occured. the same for easter, a celebration of death/rebirth. and etc.

    give the early church leaders credit, their plan was very, very successful. the council of nicea was also when the dogma was officially decided on, and the new testament was firmed up.

    myself, i always preferred ham to turkey (except for the stuffing!), and still do. never had duck for easter though, might have to try that one of these easters.

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