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  •  What a lovely, affirming diary, Sis Dee! (3+ / 0-)

    (I hope I'm not presuming too much to call you that.)

    You have presented a wonderful blend of personal history, religious studies and cultural appreciation, in your usual artful way, for which I am very grateful. Along with the thoughtful and warm-hearted comment thread that it engendered! You were a lucky little girl to grow up among such richness, and I appreciate you sharing even a little portion of what you remembered and learned.

    I am so very mindful of regeneration this particular spring, since a year ago my health was so precarious. Who knows what the next seasons will bring? I am glad to be here at this moment, able to celebrate life in the general and in the particular, and uplifted in that effort by your words.
    Pagan with a P for people and progress, indeed.

    Peace and blessings be with you, your husband, and all your kin today and throughout the year.

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