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    Drones over our homes, and the fishing and trawling of all electronic communications - the militarization of the police - the Citizens United ruling - the SCOTUS being totally controlled by right wing ideologues with some (Thomas and Scalia) who have an arrogance/ignorance of the law and constitution that is an existential threat to traditional and fundamental freedoms --- All of that is here and now a clear and present danger to the nation.  I am not exaggerating and this is not hyperbole.  Americans need to recognize the serious threat that the right wing extremists bring to our country.

    They do seem to be overplaying their hand in many places/states (WI,MI,OH,FL) and that is helpful.  But people, we must get everyone out to vote this Fall.  Everyone needs to get Democrats voted into office.  Get the right wing extremists out of office.  Get rid of them by recall or by any legal means possible.  

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      Bullshit. Many Dems cosigned these laws and a Dem president signed it.
      Face it, our Kongress has commited treason against the citizens and we can't protest without getting beat or now going to jail for 10 yrs.
      They have 2 jobs as mentioned.
      Protect the corporations and get reelected.
      And we get to pay for this happy horse shit with our own money.
      Kongress gets rich from inside trading, corporations get rich and do not even pay their fair share of taxes.
      The founders wrote in to the Constitution a way for us to address the abuse of Congress, but when we try, they bring out the police.
      I do not think where the US is headed is going to be pleseant.


      by snoopydawg on Sat Apr 07, 2012 at 07:56:04 PM PDT

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