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View Diary: Time for Liberals to Go on the Offensive, and Stay There (254 comments)

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  •  you know i said health of mother trumps all (0+ / 0-)
    Because individual womens health should never be held hostage to the value judgements of others, not even well meaning others.
    you know i said that women's health trumps all... plus any other baby-related health reason at any point in pregnancy.

    another infuriating talking point:

    And they use Democratic unwillingness to defend and strengthen accessible abortion as an excuse to get bipartisan cover for taking the right of self determination away for all women.
    all people like me are trying to do is to force a decision earlier, if only for political purposes.

    at some point in the pregnancy, the baby is a baby and not "the woman".... the argument that the baby is the woman's body or a part of her own self-determination is BS:  the baby is its own entity at some point in the pregnancy.  that's just common sense.

    let's try it this way and watch you bob and weave:  is it ok 1 day before birth day to abort?  how about 1 week?  1 month?  for mental reasons in those scenarios, i.e. the american loophole for late term abortions?

    Stop Prohibition, Start Harm Reduction

    by gnostradamus on Sun Apr 08, 2012 at 05:00:20 PM PDT

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