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  •  there's another thing we aren't doing... (1+ / 0-)
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    ... and it would be pathetically easy & inexpensive to do.

    In the 1950s before the whole topic became taboo, and this according to the Air Force Intel guy who ran the program, a number of leading physicists & astrophysicists thought there was a reasonable chance that a small percentage of UFO sightings could be ET spacecraft.

    The answer to that is, now that video cameras are so darn cheap, set up a network of them to watch the sky and start recording whenever they see motion.  The field of view of these things should overlap so that any observation is duplicated by multiple cameras.  

    The whole thing could be set up like SETI where volunteers agree to have a standard tamper-proof camera package attached to their house to watch the sky, and connected to their household broadband service.  

    The system would also be useful for tracing the flight paths and origins of drone aircraft used by criminals and terrorists, a development that is regarded as inevitable by forward-thinking military theorists such as John Robb.  

    This could help solve a persistent puzzle, and possibly help solve crimes.  There's no good reason to not do it.  

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